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Glass Coffee Table

Interior design is a process that requires a concept, patience and efficiency. When you wish to create an interior that sets a great example to your style preferences, then you will want to consider our selection of glass coffee tables here at Klarity Glass Furniture.

Glass furniture is an ideal solution to those who wish to create an extravagant and sophisticated centre piece for their interior design. Although many people may consider a wooden table as their coffee table, a glass coffee table is a wonderful choice for a contemporary layout. Glass is a perfect material if you’re looking for a luxurious table that provides an airy feeling that is easy to maintain.

Glass is the purest form you can choose for a coffee table. Not only are they great for a traditional shape of a coffee table, but they offer contemporary looks with slanted, curved or diagonal shapes of tables that can be moved to form any layout. Not only that, but they’re easy to clean and very effective for customising if need be.

We present a vast range of glass coffee tables. Our range of Italian glass coffee tables are produced by the leading glass manufacturers, including Sovet ItaliaTonelli DesignGallotti & Radice and Miniforms. Tonelli are internationally renowned for their quality designs and world class manufacturing ability, whilst Gallotti & Radice combine metal and glass seamlessly with divinely fabricated designs.