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Purchase Gallotti And Radice Luxury Glass Furniture Online

Have you been searching for modern furniture to suit your home or office? Where you need contemporary furniture, you can rely on our range of glass furniture here at Klarity Glass Furniture.

We stock the best selection of glass furniture online, all of which are suitable for dining rooms, spare rooms, offices, shops and more. When you need a stylish item of furniture for a living or working zone, the glass furniture we provide will give you the opportunities required to transform your interior.

Gallotti & Radice Glass Furniture
If you would like to purchase luxury Gallotti & Radice Furniture, then our collection provides you with an assortment of the leading luxury glass furniture on the market.

Gallotti & Radice was formed in 1955, a dynamic and innovative duo came together to become one. They had a passion for glass and wanted to ensure that it was used within interior design and furniture construction. The first pieces of furniture were hand-crafted and looked magnificent. Even today, the furniture replicates their original quality and personalisation.

By viewing our collection of Gallotti and Radice Furniture, you will see their stamp of quality on every piece of furniture they create. From dining room tables to office desks, the glass furniture is impeccable.

See the Gallotti & Radice range today.

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