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    Glass Furniture Guides

    • Lui Glass Desk with wood and metal frame by Gallotti & Radice

      What type of Desk should I Get?

      When choosing your next desk you should consider glass as an option. The many benefits of glass desks are not…

      Klarity - Glass Furniture
    • glass dining table guide

      Glass Dining Table Guide

      A good dining table form the centre of your home – where the best of hustle & bustle and celebrations…

      Klarity - Glass Furniture
    • glass coffee table guide

      Glass Coffee Table Guide

      Here at Klarity we believe that a glass coffee table can form a spectacular central focus to your living room.…

      Klarity - Glass Furniture
    • glass furniture guide

      Glass Furniture Guide

      A key theme at Klarity is that we feel that modern glass furniture must look great and be usable, unless…

      Klarity - Glass Furniture