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    Glass Coffee Tables

    Klarity are proud to present a large range of glass coffee tables.

    We offer a unique selection of glass coffee tables which come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes to help you find the perfect glass table for your home. We have a wide selection of coffee tables which are beautifully combined with other luxury materials such as wood and metal.  Our range can be easily filtered into the following categories:

    Curved Glass Coffee tables | Black Glass coffee Tables | Mirrored Glass Coffee Tables | Glass and Metal Coffee Tables | All Glass Coffee Tables | Glass and Wood Coffee tables

    Many of our coffee tables can be manufactured in bespoke sizes to suit you specific requirements. If you need any help choosing the right coffee table our design team will be on hand to help.


    Welcome to the very Finest selection of coffee tables. We offer expert advice, bespoke design and free delivery & installation, ensuring you easily find the right glass coffee table for you.

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    Glass Coffee Tables: Which is the Best Match for You and Your Home?

    A glass coffee table is a popular and stylish addition to a modern home. Easy to clean, great for developing the illusion of more space, and timelessly stylish, it’s no wonder that glass is such a popular choice in the living rooms of so many of us in the UK.

    Read on to discover more about the different types of glass coffee tables or glass dining tables available to you, and to make your selection.

    Glass Coffee Tables

    A plain glass coffee table is a straightforward way to achieve a stylish aesthetic finish in your living room. But, just because it is simple does not mean it should be overlooked. This minimal approach ensures timelessness and a versatile look.

    Wood and Glass Coffee Tables

    Fusing the organic with the manufactured might sound a little jarring at first, but a combination of wood and glass in a coffee table is a tried and tested means of bringing vintage and natural style into an interior space.

    Metal and Glass Coffee Tables

    More modern than their wooden counterparts, the sleek lines and clean design of a metal and glass coffee table offer an additional futuristic element. Take a look at the designs we stock if you are still not convinced; they are far warmer in appearance and feel than you might think.

    Extending Glass Coffee Tables

    Many people consider glass tables to be rigid affairs with little flexibility or versatility. This is not the case with the extending glass coffee table, which uses systems of glass panels mounted on rail and runners to extend and contract when necessary.

    Black Glass Coffee Tables

    For some, the stylishness of a standard glass table is not quite enough. They need some way to augment and enhance those levels of style; enter the black glass coffee table. These tables utilise specific manufacturing techniques to create sleek and stylish finishes in glass, and provide a striking finish to any front room.

    Mirrored Coffee Tables

    Mirrors reflect light, enabling interior designers and homeowners to create the illusion of extra space by directing natural light around a room. This is a well known interior design trick, but it can be achieved via coffee tables also. A mirrored glass coffee table is another way to create the illusion of a spacious, airy, naturally-lit interior.

    Round Glass Coffee Tables

    Round glass coffee tables make an ideal centrepiece to a room, introducing an element of softness into a hard and angular design. Creating a successful interior is all about marrying together the right shapes, colours, and textures, which makes the round table a very useful item indeed.

    Square Glass Coffee Tables

    Of course, it is not all about the soft curves and circular shapes when creating an interior space. For some designs, definitive lines and sharp right angled curves provide the perfect finishing touch. Take a look at our range of square glass coffee tables and see what you can find.

    Rectangular Glass Coffee Tables

    The only problem with square tables is that they tend to be somewhat limited in terms of size. Extend the dimension in one direction and you must reflect this change in length in the other dimension in order to maintain the square shape. Rectangular glass coffee tables enable you to play with different sizes and dimensions before you find one that perfectly suits your interior space.

    Ready to select the perfect coffee table partner for your living room or other interior space? Take a look at our product range and find what you need.

    Need any further assistance? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.