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    Glass Dining Tables

    Choosing the Perfect Piece for Your Home

    Whether you have a separate dining room in your home, or you combine your dining area with a kitchen or living space, your glass dining table is going to be something of a centerpiece within your interior. This is why selecting the right table is so critical. Glass dining tables may provide the solution you are looking for. Take a look at our product range, or read on to find out more about the options open to you.

    Glass Dining Tables

    Those looking for a modern touch to their dining table need look no further than glass. However, glass dining tables feature enough classic style to make them the best of both worlds. For a versatile interior piece which looks great, glass could be the best option.

    Wood and Glass Dining Tables

    Some people think of glass as a cold and clinical material. We disagree. Glass can be warm and welcoming in a home, particularly when paired with an organic material like wood. In fact, wood and glass dining tables are proving hugely popular in our current range, showing how many people agree.

    Metal and Glass Dining Table

    Combining metal with glass helps to create a sleek and modern aesthetic within the home, although not necessarily a cold one. Many of the pieces in our range succeed in balance warmth and homeliness with a thoroughly modern and up to date metal and glass table.

    rectangular glass dining table

    Rectangular Glass Dining Tables

    Some interior spaces might be more suited to a rectangular dining table. More versatile and more suitable for more restricted dining spaces than a square table, and perhaps more in keeping with the aesthetic of a specific homeowner, the rectangular glass table could prove to be an excellent choice for your home.

    round glass dining tables

    Round Glass Dining Tables

    An option which is growing in popularity in the UK is the round glass dining table. Introducing curves and soft lines to an environment which had once featured angles and edges, this style of dining table is fine choice for a modern dining area.

    square glass dining tables

    Square Glass Dining Tables

    For fans of the sharp angles and edges that their round counterpart tried to do away with, the square glass dining table may represent a solid choice. Take a look at our range of square tables and make your selection.

    Extending Glass Dining Table

    Whether you are entertaining for friends and extended family, or if you simply like to prepare lots of dishes for your nearest and dearest, there will come a time when you need a bit of extra space on your dining table. The extending glass dining table is perfect for those times, opening out to give you a bit of extra space when you need it.

    Ready to make your choice of glass dining table? Take a look at our product range and find the perfect piece to suit your home. Need further assistance? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our skilled and friendly team.

    Black Glass Dining Tables

    When it comes to style and cool, it is difficult to beat glass as a material. However, those with certain tastes may beg to differ. These home design enthusiasts may decide to opt for the sleek sheen and elegant shimmer of a black glass dining table. Check out our range to see if this option suits you.

    White Glass Dining Tables

    The yang to the yin of the black glass table, the white glass dining table represents a breath of fresh style and provides a fine complement to many of the UK’s interiors. If you feel that the white options fits the style of your home, take a look at our products pages and select your perfect partner.