Secret Glass Table With Drawer


Secrete is a glass side table with suspended wooden drawer which appears to float above the ground whilst supported by the strong glass structure. Drawer can be ordered in white, Walnut, Siberian Ash, Eucalipto wood.

Trtr Standard Clear Glass
Tftf Smoked Glass
Tete Transparent Extra Clear Glass
Eualipto tonelli Eucalipto Drawer
Siberian ash tonelli Siberian Ash Drawer
White Finish Drawer
Walnut tonelli Walnut Drawer
Additional information
Shape Rectangular
Size (cm)
Top Finish , ,
Base Finish , , ,
Lead Times 4-8 Weeks (can be longer for Jul/Aug&Dec orders)
Manufacturing This item is ‘Made to Order’. See T&C for more info
Shipping & Delivery

How Does Delivery Work?

This is not 'Standard Delivery' Here at klarity we understand the importance of every step of the ordering process including delivery. All of our items are delivered and placed for you and where applicable we will assemble the furniture for you on the date.

Where do we deliver?

We currently deliver to the majority of the UK mainland* As soon as we are able to deliver to more countries, we will update this post. If you wish to order from over seas please contact us directly.