Quadro Metal and Glass Console Table


Metal and Glass Console Table. Slim framework creates a minimalist structure which is enriched with choice of glass or ceramic tops. Available in two sizes and verso frame finishes. An ideal addition to the home.

Sbsp Bronzed mirror
Kc corten Ceramica - Corten
Kv Ceramica - Verde Aver
Cw Ceramica Antique
Ca Ceramica Arabescato light
Cc Ceramica Calacatta Matt
Cl Ceramica Calacatta Polished
Cz Ceramica Ceppo di Grè
Cd Ceramica Dark
Cf Ceramica Eramosa
Cu Ceramica Gaudi Stone
Cg Ceramica grey
Cj Ceramica ivory black
Cq Ceramica Marquinia Polished
Cv Ceramica Ombra di Caravaggio
Ch Ceramica Onice grigio
Ci Ceramica Onice oro
Co Ceramica Portoro
Cy Ceramica Stone grey Polished
Cx Ceramica Stone grey prelucidata
Ct Ceramica titanio
Sbac Frosted Mirror - Bronzed
Sfac Frosted Mirror - Smoked
Mes Materia Fused Glass - MES1
Mlm Materia Fused Glass - MLM7
Mls Materia Fused Glass - MLS1
Mlsp Materia Fused Glass - MLSP
Sfsp Smoked mirror
Mbsp Materia Fused Glass - MBSP
Mesp Materia Fused Glass - MESP
Br Burnished metal
Dark leather tonelli Embossed Black Metal
Gc Embossed Mocha Metal
Shipping & Delivery

How Does Delivery Work?

This is not 'Standard Delivery' Here at klarity we understand the importance of every step of the ordering process including delivery. All of our items are delivered and placed for you and where applicable we will assemble the furniture for you on the date.

Where do we deliver?

We currently deliver to the majority of the UK mainland* As soon as we are able to deliver to more countries, we will update this post. If you wish to order from over seas please contact us directly.