Bands Large Wall Mirror
Bands Mirror £1,510£2,890
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central large wall mirror
Central Mirror £2,940£3,920

Barcode Mirror


Mirror System with unique barcode style finish.
Larger mirrors come in parts and already configured extra large wall mounted mirrors
Sizes range from 90x90cm square / 90cm dia Circular mirrors up to 5m long x 2m Extra large mirror solutions.

When you select a size it will show you a diagram of what this mirror will look like.

Additional information
Shape Circular Mirror Mirror , Half Circle Mirror , Half Circle Mirror Mirror , Racetrack , Rectangular Mirror Mirror , Square Mirror Mirror , Rectangular Mirror , Square Mirror
Size (cm) , , , , , , , , , , ,
Top Finish
Lead Times 4-8 Weeks (can be longer for Jul/Aug&Dec orders)
Manufacturing This item is ‘Made to Order’. See T&C for more info
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