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Gallotti & Radice

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gallotti & radiceGallotti & Radice personify the ultimate in luxury tables and more. Created via high precision glass and metalwork. Full range available to order online via our website. The partnership between Gallotti and Radice and Klarity Glass is the perfect synergy of ethos. We have a long working relationship and our in-house design team are perfectly position to recommend the right furniture item from this contemporary range. From all glass dining tables to antiqued metal and glass coffee tables this range will wow and amaze anyone who has the privilege to own. Key items in the range include the Dolm Table which is manufactured almost entirely from clear and coloured glass.  the Lui glass desk harmonizes the use of wood metal and glass to form an intricately designed desk which will offer endless years of pleasure. Gallotti & Radice offer a stunning range of coffee tables which will create unique sculptural center pieces in any home. For the exclusive workspace the range of Air glass desks is a must - a single metal beam supports thick toughened glass sheets. If you cant find the item you are looking for please just contact our office, we are proud to offer the full range from this contemporary brand.


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In 1955, Pierangelo Gallotti and Luigi Radice opened an artistic space dedicated to glass design in Milan, Italy. They were advocates for the use of glass in furniture, which at the time was a bit radical. Glass was considered fragile, yet they understood its potential and strength. They were eager to create new and innovative glass designs. They had a vision and were true artisans. Every piece was handcrafted. Their first pieces were lighting fixtures, furniture and mirrors.

Since then the family run business has gone beyond its humble roots. The first all-glass table was made in 1971 and called the Adam. It was made just from glass yet was lightweight. This stunning table became iconic and spurred the artists to push forward, resisting the limitations of glass.

Next was the Tris table. This was more than a table. It was an engineering feat! The Tris table combined two panes of glass, one horizontal and one vertical. The Tris was the first piece to include the steel joint, which added a unique design element while also hiding the functionality of the piece. The Tris and its design continue to influence glass furniture design.

These furniture pieces epitomise the simplicity and style of glass furniture and tables. Every piece is still made with the same care. High precision glass and metal working skill is central to every piece’s creation.

Design Style

Contemporary design radiates from these beautiful pieces. Contemporary design is described as “of the moment.” The pieces feature both straight lines and curved. Unexpected angles and proportions keep pieces from suffering from an ordinary feel. Materials work seamlessly with glass to produce one-of-a-kind pieces that are both functional and beautiful. Every piece has character, yet isn’t overpowering. Adding a signature piece to any room will make a statement. Mix and match different pieces for a contemporary look that is both fresh and timeless.


There is great detail in every piece. This craftsmanship is an artistic discipline that requires great study and ability. It is passed down from generation to generation. Not just any person can be a Gallotti & Radice craftsman. It takes dedication, skill and practice to master the workmanship of required to craft these pieces.


The hallmark material of every piece is glass. Smoked and black coloured glass are available in many designs, as well as pure, clear glass. Gallotti & Radice has grown and continued to innovate using unique materials and stretching the limits of what glass can do. These pieces also integrate different accent materials, including wood, stainless steel, brass and other metals.

Signature Pieces

The Air Glass Desk is a Gallotti & Radice signature piece. The Air Glass Desk contains a single metal beam supporting thick toughened glass sheets. The Air Desk has multiple options, including one model with a drawer. There are multiple sizes to fit the space you have. The glass can be either clear or smoked.

The Dolm Dining Table is also a true representation of their style. It is made mostly of clear and coloured glass. Perfect for any occasion, the Dolm is at home for a dinner party or a quiet meal for two.

The Lui Glass Desk marries wood, metal and glass flawlessly. It is available with clear or black coloured glass and two chrome options for the base.

Options and Product Types

The unique line includes coffee tables, desks, side tables, sideboards, credenzas, storage units, vanities, dinner tables and mirrors. There are pieces for every room in the house. With multiple sizes and accents, you can find a piece that speaks to your aesthetic. Gallotti & Radice pieces stand beautifully when grouped or on their own.

Gallotti & Radice and Klarity Glass

Klarity Glass is proud to have a long working relationship with Gallotti & Radice. Klarity’s in-house design team is well versed in all pieces and can make recommendations based on your needs and space. We treat every piece as a work of art, not just furniture. Whether you are starting with a blank canvas or need a wow piece for your room, we can help you decide what works best for you.

How to Shop

A full range of products is available to order from the website. You can browse our offerings and filter by product type, number of seats and shape. When you click to the actual product page, you will see additional options available, such as size, base styles and glass style. Many pieces have a variety of sizes to choose from, so there is something for every room. You can also view staged photos of each piece to get a feel of how it will look in a furnished space. Choose a Gallotti & Radice piece today to elevate your style and start a conversation.