Glass Coffee Table

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Modern & Contemporary Glass Coffee Table Collection.

The modern glass coffee table is considered to be the most important centre piece in the living room and to make an impressive interior design statement there can’t be any better material than glass. Choose a
wood and glass coffee tableto offer a sophisticated warmth or ametal and glass coffee table for a classically modern refined solution. If you’re looking for a material which will create a light airy feeling then what better than a contemporary coffee table made entirely from glass. Glass used on its own creates the purest of forms; we present a range of all glass coffee tables including the curved glass coffee table style for a truly minimalist style statement which will integrate into any period home.

Klarity presents a strong range of contemporary glass coffee tables which are perfectly complimented by our Italian modern glass coffee tables which are produced by manufacturers such as Sovet Italia, Tonelli Design, Gallotti & Radice and Miniforms to name a few. Tonelli are internationally renowned for their high quality designs and world class manufacturing ability.Gallotti & Radice combine metal and glass seamlessly with exquisitely fabricated designs. Sovet present a strong range of curved glass coffee tables which are intricately formed into beautiful shapes. Our own modern glass coffee tables utilise toughened glass ensuring our designs not only look good but are incredibly strong and highly functional.Our range includes a wide variety of glass top coffee tables supported by luxury table bases. materials include wood, metal, glass, and more. Once of our most popular designs is the Dubai - glass top coffee table which always makes a statement. For the perfect sofa partner choose from our glass nest of tables range. For a glass nest of table with plenty of options and available in bespoke sizes choose the Bridge nest of glass tables.​

Judd – Rectangle Glass Coffee Table


Mirrored Coffee Table by MirrorBox

TEN Black Glass
TEB White Glass

Cube – Metal and Glass Coffee Table