Glass Side Table

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Glass Side Tables & Small Glass Tables

Elevate your living space with the sleek sophistication of glass side tables and small glass tables. These versatile pieces not only add a touch of modern elegance to any room but also provide functional surfaces for displaying decor or holding essentials.


Glass side tables and small glass tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to complement any interior style, from contemporary to minimalist or even eclectic. Whether you're looking for a minimalist cube-shaped side table or a chic round glass table, there's a perfect option to suit your aesthetic preferences and space requirements.

With their transparent surfaces, glass side tables and small glass tables create an illusion of space, making them ideal for smaller rooms or areas where you want to maintain an airy and open feel. Additionally, the reflective properties of glass can enhance natural light, brightening up your space and creating a more inviting atmosphere.

Explore our collection of glass side tables and small glass tables to discover the perfect accent piece for your home or office. From simple and understated designs to more intricate and artistic creations, these tables offer both style and functionality to enhance any room's decor.

Shop now and add a touch of contemporary elegance to your living space with our stunning selection of glass side tables and small glass tables.

TEN Black Glass Base
TEB White Glass Base

Quebec Glass Side Table by Klarity


Mirrored Side Table by MirrorBox